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Today, I had the rare opportunity to showcase a student, and I was reminded just how much it needs to be done.

We have spent this quarter reading The Outsiders, and have had a number of good discussions in conjunction with the book. We have varied between letting students read and listening to the narrator on the CD. In one of my morning classes, I have a student who is an unbelievable reader. In his class, we have stopped listening to the CD altogether and just let this kid read since he’s better than the professional narrator. He reads with unbelievable expression and feeling, pausing at just the right spots, and really drawing the reader in. As a voice actor myself, I love listening to him.

This morning, he looked at me and said, “You should let me read to all your classes.”

Since we were reading the very last chapter, I said, “Okay. Ask your teachers if you can come down.”

This kid came down every hour (minus his math class where the teacher teaches to the bell) to read to his classmates. As I listened to him read four times, I thought about his life. Here’s a kid who got a WDF last quarter because he barely makes it to school. But, he’s smart, and he has a talent. And today, he wasn’t the weird kid, the dirty kid, the geek, or the loser–he was magic. When the bell rang and his classmates said, “No, keep reading.” or other classes clapped for him, I can only imagine what it did for his self-esteem.

As for me, it reminded me that every kid has a treasure somewhere inside them. We just have to dig a little to find it. And when we do, we polish it up, step back, and watch it shine.


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