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It’s the summer, so not much is going on on the school front, obviously. When I was travelling, I didn’t notice that I missed school, but once I got back in the area, I missed my students. Luckily, as a teacher, you are never far from an opportunity to see kids–even if you don’t want to.

If you are a new teacher, you should be aware that unless you move, you can never have a normal life again. What I mean by that, is you can never go anywhere without being recognized, so be alert. If you think celebrities have it bad, we may have it worse. Here’s an example:

When I left the house, I was just going to a friend’s house to tutor her in Algebra. I knew this would involve about nine hours sitting on a sofa (literally–she had a lot to make up), so I donned a pair of men’s pajama bottoms and a T-shirt. I wanted to be comfortable, and besides, no one’s going to see me, right? All went well until I decided to make a Walmart run about 11:00 to get some weed killer. No sooner did I walk in the store when I saw a student of mine and his girlfriend. Spotted! That’s just one example. Others include the mall, the movie theater (Where incidently I’m planning on seeing a number of students tomorrow for the midnight Harry Potter showing), Drive-thru, the gas station–Even Jamestown, Virginia, on Spring Break.

Knowing this to be true, I am very careful where I go and what I do. (Hey, I even case a store before I buy underwear!) Others, I know are not so careful and have been spotted going to bars, into strip clubs, etc. I guess my challenge is that if you are a teacher, you are being watched–ALWAYS. And remember, the old adage is true: Actions speak louder than words. What are yours saying?


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